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The Mediterranean Grape

Welcome to the wonderful and exciting worlds of Garnacha wines. Garnacha is coming of age as a varietal wine, ready to take to the world stage with Cabernet, Malbec and Chardonnay. One of the world’s oldest and most widely planted wine grapes, its main production is located in eastern Spain (the original birthplace of the grape), southern France (where it is known as “Grenache”) and Italy. It is the quintessential Mediterranean grape, perfectly adapted to its climate and terroir.

Luscious reds. Full bodied whites. Intense roses

Garnacha is the only mainstream grape with red and white varieties. The wine itself can be red, white, and rose. Also, most experts agree that Garnacha conveys the expression of soil, landscape and climate like no other wine. With that combination, Garnacha is one of the most versatile and diverse varieties.

You can pair a whole meal with different Garnacha wines: a rosé as an aperitif, a white with the starter, a red with the main course, a red or fortified red to accompany cheese, then wind things up with a fortified white for dessert.

Red Garnacha

· Lush, fruit forward
· Aromatic
· Easy to approach
· Works well with foods of all sorts

White Garnacha

· Ranging from sweet, fruity to mineral, petrol
· Full bodied, sweet due to its usually high graduation
· Will scents

Rose Garnacha

· Distinctive colours resulting from diverse elaborations
· Strawberry flavours
· Intense aromas

“It’s all about the red fruit – ripe, juicy, slightly sweet, fresh red fruit. Grenache noir (to the French), aka garnacha tinta (Spain), can be soft and easy-going or relatively grippy and tannic, with white pepper, vanilla, even a hint of thyme, but you can always count on lively red berries at its heart: strawberries, cherries, raspberries and red plums.”

Susy Atkins, New York Times

“At its best, Grenache here can [evince both power and delicacy] with grace and charm. More than that: It can be a grape to reconcile those two often warring sets of taste. It rewards all who seek. It is a Rorschach test for flavor.”

Jon Bonne

“Fruity and soft, and fun to drink.”


“With strawberry red fruits, beguiling tannins and spicy aromatics”

Dean Hewitson, of Hewitson wines in Australia

“What is the Grenache White wine model? Full bodied, sweet due to its high graduation, mountain dried herbs memories and wild scents, slightly bitter flavours, earthy-mineral background.”

José Peñín, Guía Peñín